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PvE Frisse Scholen: a great opportunity for you as an installer

Within education in the Netherlands, the 'PvE Frisse Scholen' is widely known. This 'Program of Requirements Frisse Scholen' is an initiative of the Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland (Frisse Scholen). Aimed at the realization of an optimal indoor climate in school buildings, where many pupils stay together in one room. It acts as a guide for clients, such as school boards and municipalities, to realize energy-efficient, healthy and comfortable school buildings. School administrators are increasingly aware that a healthy indoor environment has demonstrably positive effecten on the health, learning performance and well-being of students and teachers. And that presents a great opportunity for you as an installer to support schools in their desire to meet Program requirements, standards and needs. Read all about it in this article.

Monitoring and Certification
The Frisse Scholen Program includes a monitoring process to assess and improve the performance of school buildings. In addition, schools that meet the set requirements receive the 'Frisse Scholen' designation. A recognition for the efforts of those schools to achieve a healthy and energy efficient indoor environment.

Collaboration and Awareness
The success of the Frisse Scholen Program requires cooperation among various stakeholders, including school boards, municipalities, architects and installers. All in all, the Frisse Scholen Program provides a comprehensive approach to developing and improving school buildings. By focusing on both a healthy indoor environment and energy efficiency, the program helps create comfortable, sustainable learning environments that promote the health and performance of students and teachers.

Fresh Schools with the ClimaPac Compact from STULZ
With the ClimaPac Compact, Stulz seamlessly meets the needs of schools seeking to comply with the Fresh Schools COE. This compact unit integrates cooling, heating and ventilation functions for schools in mmn energy-efficient and space-saving total system, for areas where many people stay. This makes it easy for schools to become a "Fresh School. The system comes plug-and-play, mounted on a self-supporting frame and uses powerful heat pumps from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. It is delivered fully assembled, configured and operational, including pressure and flow rate adjustments. This eliminates the need to separately and connect various components during rooftop installation. This not only provides significant time and cost savings, but also greatly simplifies technical complexity. In addition, the cooling pipe circuit of the ClimaPac Compact has been reduced to a minimum. This is good for the environment, because it means that relatively little refrigerant is needed. Even in schools.