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The Customer

Breman Utiliteit is a versatile and experienced installation specialist. The company designs, realizes, maintains and manages complex and sustainable mechanical, electrical, climate and control installations within the utility sector. Central to this are comfort, energy and cost control, whereby the unburdening of its clients is paramount. Breman Non-Residential is part of the Breman Installation Group; a nationally operating group of specialized installation companies in the field of housing management, housing construction, utility construction and chimney technology.

The challenge
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A large factory in the food industry in Kampen, where, among other things, milk powders are made, is being renovated. A number of stock tanks have been modified and the MCC (Motor Control Center) has been redesigned. “The control cabinets are in the MCC room,” says Peter Platzer of Breman Utiliteit from Zwolle. “That room needs to be cooled, because heat is released from the equipment. To achieve reliable server room cooling, we knew we had to turn to STULZ Groep B.V."

“The request for a cooling solution for the MCC room came to our ears and from the start we helped Breman by giving advice about which solution could be the most suitable for this room,” says Evert van Merkestijn, account manager at STULZ Groep BV. "We have delivered two STULZ MiniSpace units of 12.5 kW with additional SAS chillers from S-Klima along with the corresponding controllers."

"The MiniSpace units are server room cooling units that can control very precisely," says Platzer. "It is required in the MCC room to maintain a constant, desired temperature." The SAS chillers are outside on the roof and the MiniSpace units are inside the MCC room. A cold water pipe goes from the chillers to the MiniSpace units. The chiller ensures that the cold water battery of the units is supplied with cold water at all times. The air that comes over it is cooled and the cold air is blown under the floor. The warm air from the equipment is extracted and re-passes through the unit and is cooled again. This is how the air circulates. The MiniSpace units each have their own controller that is set by the installer for the necessary cooling in the room. "It is a stand-alone device," says Van Merkestijn. “It has to be set once and it works. There is a possibility to link the units to a BMS system, but we chose deliberately no to do this for this solution. This is only one room that needs to be air-conditioned and that is quite easy to do with the included controller.”

The S-Klima SAS chillers have been developed for maximum reliability in data centers and industry. They are designed and manufactured under strict conditions to ensure maximum energy efficiency at any local temperature profile, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The control cabinets to control the processes in the factory are located in the MCC room of the factory in Kampen. “All machines are controlled from this room,” explains Van Merkestijn. “It is the factory's 'nerve center'. If there's a malfunction here, the whole factory will be down. It is therefore important that it does not get too hot in this room. It is an interesting project to be able to protect the equipment in this factory with our server room cooling solutions.”

MiniSpace EC

If you need precise, reliable and cost effective air conditioning for small equipment and server rooms, the MiniSpace EC series is an energy efficient and long-lasting series that fits the bill. The computer room cooling systems' units require little floor space, and their compact size means they can be integrated in existing server rooms without problem.


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