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humiFog is an atomizing adiabatic humidifier which uses the pressurized energy given by a pump and the nozzles mounted on the edge of a frame (rack) to atomize demineralized water into micrometric drops in the air handling unit or in the environment to humidify.

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optiMist is a humidifier and adiabatic evaporative cooler that, by atomizing water into small droplets, allows the latter to evaporate spontaneously, subtracting heat from the humidified air, which is cooled at the same time.

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chillBooster is an adiabatic atomizer that uses evaporative cooling to cool the air before it is used by condensers, chillers or dry coolers.

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What is Adiabatic Cooling?

The principle of adiabatic cooling

"Adiabatic cooling" is the process by which water cools the air through evaporation. To make this happen spontaneously, without extra energy  the water in the air should be atomized as very fine water droplets that have a lower surface tension than the surrounding air, evaporate into the air. How come the air cools down?

No contribution from external energy is needed but because of its nature it does require a certain amount of the evaporation process energy. This energy is extracted from the surrounding air which, in order to to be able to absorb the water, must give off noticeable heat to the water that lowers the air temperature.

Every kilogram of water that evaporates absorbs about 690 W energy from the air. This double effect of humidification and cooling of the air, which is obtained by the adiabatic cooling effect, is often desirable in air conditioning applications. The expression “Adiabatic” comes from physics. As water and air as one are considered closed bi-component system, then finds the energy exchange only between their place and not with the rest of the area. This is called an adiabatic system.


Adiabatic cooling for a data center in Eindhoven.

STULZ developed a custom-made solution by placing six containers in which, among other things, the adiabatic cooling is housed.

An advantage of adiabatic cooling is that the cooling capacity increases when the outside temperature rises, while this decreases with traditional compressor cooling. It cools the air before it reaches the chiller. For example, 100 litres of water supplies approximately 69 kW of cooling with only 0.25 kW of power absorbed by the pump. This ensures that energy consumption is reduced on the hottest days of the year. In addition, water as a refrigerant is completely environmentally friendly in contrast to traditional refrigerants.

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