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VRF systems

Climate solutions up to 168 kW for cooling and 189 kW for heating up to a maximum of 80 indoor units and a connectable capacity of 200% in one refrigerant circuit. The VRF systems from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries leave nothing to be desired in terms of comfort and energy efficiency. Indoor and outdoor units can be combined without limit and can be controlled centrally and decentrally by means of the revolutionary CompTrol from STULZ. The indoor and outdoor units of the KX series come in many variants with many possibilities.

In addition to the VRF systems themselves, STULZ helps you from A to Z when it comes to your project. From engineering to delivery, our technicians will help you wherever you want. Get the most out of your VRF systems and ask our experts for advice.


A VRF project at STULZ, how we do it

Advantages VRF systems

  • Efficient cooling and heating.

  • Up to 80 connectable indoor units.

  • Capacity range up to 168 kW for cooling and 189 kW for heating.

  • Energy-saving Inverter Technology (VTCC).

  • Optional CompTrol control systems from STULZ.


STULZ Comptrol

The operation of airconditioning systems can be made even more efficient thanks to smart control and regulation technology. STULZ' innovative CompTrol is designed to take VRF systems to a whole new level.

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VTCC Function

The VTCC function, is a newly developed energy saving function designed by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. This new feature is included in all our KXZ ranges which provides up to 34% energy savings in both cooling and heating mode. Check the video for more information.



The KX series ensures efficient airconditioning of large buildings. The KX series stands out in terms of comfort, and energy efficiency. Indoor and outdoor units can be combined with each other almost indefinitely and controlled and monitored centrally or remotely. In short, the VRF series from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries is the room climate system for the highest demands.

KX-Serie products



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