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Adiabatic humidification

High pressure atomization


humiFog is an atomizing adiabatic humidifier which uses the pressurized energy given by a pump and the nozzles mounted on the edge of a frame (rack) to atomize demineralized water into micrometric drops in the air handling unit or in the environment to humidify.

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Low pressure atomization


optiMist is a humidifier and adiabatic evaporative cooler that, by atomizing water into small droplets, allows the latter to evaporate spontaneously, subtracting heat from the humidified air, which is cooled at the same time.

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Compressed air atomization

MC Multizone

MC is an atomizing adiabatic humidifier that uses the energy of compressed air to atomize water in micrometric droplets.

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The features of the humiSonic range highlight its versatility and make it suitable for every type of application: datacentres, museums, offices, printing facilities and cold stores are some of the typical uses, thanks to its compactness and efficiency.

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Made-to-measure humidification systems that ensure optimum processes and high quality standards – for precisely targeted humidification, direct room humidification, and installation in ventilation ducts

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