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For over 50 years KlimaShop! GmbH has been active as a specialist for air conditioning technology. The Friedberg-based company was founded in 1969 under the name A. Spengler & Co. Since 1995, the managing directors Armin and Peter Spengler have continued to run the traditional business.

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FC Augsburg's business club in the WWK ARENA, which opened in 2009, was aging and no longer met the demands and requirements of FC Augsburg's business clients. The club decided to completely renovate the space to better meet the needs of its guests. At the same time, the area was expanded by a total of about 1,000 square meters on two floors. On the upper floor, a roof terrace with lounge character and the Premium Club were created that can be used year-round. On the lower floor, the Business Club with 360° bar, the Schwabenstüberl and the Club 1907 with a separate entrance were set up.

Sponsorship income is a very important source of funding for FC Augsburg, and the refurbishment of the business club is therefore an investment in the club's competitiveness. To ensure that the exclusive clients and their guests feel comfortable during their stay, a solution for the right climate was part of the planning from the beginning.

After FC Augsburg's last home match on 11.05.2019, the renovation of the business club began. Everything had to be ready for the first match of the new season on 24.08.2019. The expansion and complete reconstruction of the rooms took place in the tight timeframe of just over three months. In order to meet the timetable for the installation of the air conditioning equipment, it was necessary to coordinate the work of all parties involved very well and to deliver all the materials on time.

The different areas of use in the renovated business club with large and smaller rooms also required a complex comfort air conditioning solution that could at the same time be used in the most sustainable and energy-efficient way possible. Since food is heated and kept warm in different areas of the rooms, the air conditioning system must also be able to reduce the sometimes high humidity values due to water vapor.

FC Augsburg commissioned KlimaShop!, the specialist in the field of air conditioning, to carry out the climate technology for the new rooms. The Augsburg-based company places special emphasis on intelligent air conditioning solutions with innovative products and cites climate protection and sustainability as the core of its business philosophy. For the business club of the WWK ARENA, a system solution with units from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries' KX series was chosen, whose technology offers particularly good energy and cost efficiency.

The VRF Multi Split air conditioning units with full inverter technology ensure maximum efficiency. In addition, different outdoor and indoor units can be flexibly combined with each other, as in a modular system, so that the optimal solution can be planned and implemented for the different rooms in the business club. The air-to-air heat pumps can not only cool and dehumidify, but also heat at outdoor temperatures down to -20°C.

On the upper floor of the renovated business club where the Premium Club is located, an FDC 680 KXE6 outdoor air conditioning unit with a cooling capacity of 68.0 kW and a heating capacity of 73.0 kW was combined with 14 FDTC 56 Euroraster ceiling cassettes with comfort panels. The first floor is air-conditioned by two FDC 680 KXE6 outdoor units with two circuits for the southern and northern zones, to which a total of 17 Euroraster ceiling cassettes of type FDTC 36 and 20 of type FDTC 56 are connected.

The different outputs of 3.6 kW and 4.0 kW, as well as 5.6 kW and 6.3 kW of the indoor units, allow for precisely matched air conditioning of the different rooms and areas. The four-sided blowing ceiling cassettes operate very quietly. Four individually adjustable pendulum blades ensure optimum air distribution in the room. All ceiling cassettes are also equipped with comfort panels. The four special additional slats are synchronized with the "normal" slats and reduce draughts. To ensure that the indoor units blend better into the dark ceiling design of the various rooms, they were painted black before installation.

Simultaneously with the business club, the club's functional areas were also expanded. On the first floor, rooms were created for the trainers, physiotherapy, for sleeping and locker rooms, which were also furnished by KlimaShop! Depending on the size of the room, the air conditioning company installed a total of 16 FDTC 28 and FDTC 36 ceiling cassettes, which are powered by two FDC 224 KXZPE1 VRF units in a north and south circuit. The units have an output of 2.8 kW and 3.2 kW and 3.6 kW and 4.0 kW, respectively, and also provide a pleasant room climate with comfort panels. They can be easily operated via a central remote control with touch screen.

After the renovation, the WWK ARENA business club is shining and was inaugurated just in time for the first game of the season.

The cozy and warm atmosphere in the club colors red and green, various shades of gray and a wooden look invites you to linger. The air conditioning solution from KlimaShop! and S-Klima (STULZ) makes an important contribution to the improved feeling. The modular system allows for individual and perfectly tuned air conditioning and fits unobtrusively into the new feel-good ambience. The air conditioning system can easily cope with the high humidity caused by keeping and serving food warm in the "dehumidify" operating mode - in some cases without activating the cooling function. At the same time, operators are also significantly reducing their energy costs thanks to the new efficient air conditioning solution.

VRF systems

Climate solutions up to 168 kW for cooling and 189 kW for heating up to a maximum of 80 indoor units and a connectable capacity of 200% in one refrigerant circuit. The VRF systems from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries leave nothing to be desired in terms of comfort and energy efficiency. Indoor and outdoor units can be combined without limit and can be controlled centrally and decentrally by means of the revolutionary CompTrol from STULZ. The indoor and outdoor units of the KX series come in many variants with many possibilities.


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