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Isothermal humidification

Electrode humidification


humiSteam Basic, Plus and Wellness are suitable for installation in civil environments, offices, hospitals and industrial facilities. The humiSteam Wellness is specifically suited for wellness applications.

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compactSteam is the CAREL proposal for the humidification of prestigious residential environments, professional offices or small and medium retail premises.

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STULZ SupraSteam®

STULZ SupraSteam is a technologically flexible solution for all types of use in industry and the home, as well as museums, showrooms, and building complexes that have to be kept sterile.

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Resistance humidification


The CAREL heaterSteam is an important step beyond the current resistance humidifiers available on the market and is the first humidifier in the world with IoT (Internet of Things).

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Gas fired humidification


gaSteam is the result of CAREL's extensive experience in the humidification sector. The exclusive design of the stainless steel heat exchanger ensures very high efficiency (94 - 96%), easy maintenance and a long life.

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Steam distribution


ultimateSAM can use steam both from a network under pressure (to 4 bars) and from an steam humidifier.

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