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The Customer

Gebroeders Meijer Luchttechniek Oost is a company that specializes in the production, supply and installation of air ducts. Gebroeders Meijer Luchttechniek Oost is not only a producer and mechanic, but also works as a consultant and engineer for complete air distribution systems. Gebroeders Meijer Luchttechniek Oost has been contributing to a pleasant living and working climate in utility and industrial buildings in the Netherlands since 1960. The air duct manufacturer also provides residentialhouses and residential complexes with the latest air technology installations.

The challenge
Our solution
Our product

The aim of this project was to supply fresh air to the various cooking islands in the cooking studio. The kitchen and kitchen islands were managed by the on-site kitchen specialist and the STULZ ClimaPac air handling unit is responsible for the required fresh air by means of air distribution hoses.

The main requirement of the installer was that the chosen solution should be completely gas-free. In addition,mit was very important that the air handling unit should have a quiet operation so that there would be little or no inconvenience. The cooking studio is located in the city center of Neede and is surrounded by adjacent houses.

A ClimaPac air handling unit of 3000 m3/h was chosen for the solution. In order to meet the requirements regarding gas-free operation, an electric heater in the air handling unit was chosen. As a result, no boiler was required to supply the battery with power. In addition, the air handling unit has a fan that is favorable in terms of sound so that the noise requirements of the customer and installer could be met.


By choosing the electric heater, the future has been taken into account. At a later stage it is possible to have solar panels installed on the roof of the cooking studio. These solar panels can then function as a power supply for the air handling unit, which contributes to the energy neutrality of the complete installation.


ClimaPac Air Handling Units Series offer flexible and modular configurable solutions, adapting to the needs of the most demanding proyects with air flows up to 160.000 m³ / h.


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