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Reliable chillers for maximum efficiency and reliability

STULZ Chiller Units are developed for maximum reliability in data centers and industry. Designed and manufactured under strict conditions, the units are designed to ensure maximum energy efficiency at any local temperature profile – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. A data center chiller is a cooling system that removes heat from data center equipment and server rooms to maintain an optimal operating temperature. The systems (typically) use refrigerants and fans to cool the air before it returns to the server equipment.

CyberCool 2

Maximum energy efficiency and optimum reliability for complex, sophisticated chiller solutions without compromise – this is what our CyberCool 2 chillers stand for.

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Explorer Line

The STULZ Explorer Line is a series of air-cooled chiller systems that is suitable for numerous different uses. The units of this product series combine high-quality components with the ability to fulfill project-specific requirements.

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CyberCool Free Cooling Booster

Systems with water-cooled chillers do not usually offer Free Cooling, even if the low outdoor temperatures at the installation site would allow it. However, since Free Cooling – as well as a precise Mixed mode concept – offer the greatest potential savings, STULZ has developed a standard unit that benefits from low outdoor temperatures and thus ensures efficient operation all year round.

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S-Klima Chillers

Chillers from S-Klima can be used wherever maximum efficiency and optimum reliability are desired. This applies, for example, to offices and hotels, but also to commercial and industrial projects and public buildings such as hospitals.

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CyberCool WaterTec

The CyberCool WaterTec is a water-cooled chiller that combines all the relevant factors: the design is compact and maintenance friendly, the Turbocor technology is optimized for partial loads, and, in a forward-thinking manner, refrigerant quantities are minimized with the simultaneous use of a refrigerant that has a very low global warming potential.

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CyberCool Indoor

CyberCool Indoor is a compact chilled water generator for the direct liquid cooling of high-density server racks and computer tomographs, cooling capacity up to 100 kW, for indoors.

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STULZ Explorer WSW

The water-cooled Explorer is designed for indoor installation. With the options that are available, the operating limits of the chiller can be extended both towards especially low and especially high operating temperatures.

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Data center Chillers

Our data center chillers are advanced cooling systems specifically designed to effectively regulate the heat generated by the intensive operation of servers and IT equipment in data centers. Through the use of refrigerants and innovative cooling technologies, these chillers help maintain an optimal ambient temperature to prevent overheating. They contribute to the reliable operation of data centers, reduce energy costs and promote equipment longevity, which is essential for the continuity and performance of modern digital services.

Industry Chillers

Our industrial chillers are powerful cooling systems used within various industrial processes. They play a crucial role in maintaining controlled temperatures for machinery, manufacturing processes and cooling of large facilities. These chillers use advanced technologies to remove large amounts of heat from industrial systems to maintain an optimal working environment. They are used in industries such as manufacturing, food processing, pharmaceuticals and power generation, where precise temperature control is essential for efficiency, product quality and safety.

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