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In a building such as a school, it is very important that the indoor climate is not only comfortable, but also healthy. A healthy indoor climate is extremely important. This can reduce the spread of viruses and bacteria. To achieve a comfortable indoor climate, the air handling units had to be able to cool as well as heat. In this way, a comfortable indoor climate can be guaranteed at almost any outside temperature in the Netherlands. Furthermore, there were three requirements from the installer, the solution had to be Eurovent certified, silencers had to be installed and the air handling units had to be equipped including controlling.

Ultimately, a solution was chosen consisting of three ClimaPac air handling units, two of which are set up inside and one outside. The solution consisted of one air handling unit of 15.000 m3, one of 10.000 m3 and one of 7.500 m3. All three air handling units are equipped with a heat wheel and a cooling block (change-over block) because, in addition to heating the air handling units should also be possible to cool the entire building. Furthermore, a heat wheel has been specifically integrated so that the cabinets could transfer moisture. This benefits the ventilation of the entire building.

The F7 and M5 filters in the air handling units guarantee a healthy indoor climate. In addition, the silencers ensure that no sound is audible when the air handling units are in operation. In this way, the classrooms and gyms of the school are cooled and heated in a healthy and comfortable way. For the air handling unit of the gyms (outdoor set-up), a heat exchanger was explicitly chosen to create extra comfort.

The three air handling units were tailor-made in our factory in Spain together with the installation consultant. This makes this solution unique in its kind. As an result the consultant was very satisfied with the course of events and the final solution.

We are very proud of the result of this project. This tailor-made solution for air treatment shows that complex technical installations are possible with good cooperation between the various parties. As a manufacturer and supplier of air handling units, we hope to be able to realize more of such projects in the future. From standard to fully customized solutions, we are happy to advise you in the field of air handling.


ClimaPac Air Handling Units Series offer flexible and modular configurable solutions, adapting to the needs of the most demanding proyects with air flows up to 160.000 m³ / h.


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