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During the renovation of this historic office building to hotel, WEMA installations made use of the service of STULZ in combination with the quality and reliability of comfort air conditioning from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries.

This building, with a rich history, offered WEMA and STULZ a great opportunity to join forces and make the renovation into a beautiful project with the installation of various comfort air conditioning systems.

Our partner

For this project, STULZ joined forces with WEMA Installations. WEMA Installaties is an air conditioning specialist in Breda and was established on 23 May 2008. With WEMA Installaties you have one professional party for all your cooling technology, climate control and electrical engineering. For professional advice, design, implementation and management, WEMA is your provider.

The customer

In the national monument Het Slaakhuys, the former newspaper printing company and editorial offices of the socialist newspaper “Het Vrije Volk”, built in 1954, The Slaak Rotterdam, a Tribute Portfolio Hotel by Marriott International, will open in 2019. The monumental Slaakhuys is currently being renovated and transformed into a hotel with 74 rooms, a high dining restaurant and cocktail bar. The Slaak Rotterdam is part of the Odyssey Hotel Group, the fastest growing hotel management company in Europe. The five aspects of their culture are: Values are what we Value, High Performance, Freedom & Responsibility, Context not Control, Highly Aligned & Loosely Coupled.

The solution

A VRF installation from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries for energy-efficient cooling and possibly additional heating. The main heating takes place through floor heating, connected to the Rotterdam district heating network. The installed units are:

  • FDC 900 KXZE1 and FDC 1000 KXZE1,
  • in combination with FDK 22’s FDUM 28-45 and FDUT 22/28.
  • The FDC 900 KXZE1 consists of 2 FDCs 450 KXZE1 with a SEER of 6.57.
  • The FDC 1000KXZE1 consists of 2x FDC 500 KXZE1 with a SEER of 6.65.

The channel units are concealed in the ceiling in the “hotel setup”, which means that the suction grille is above the door and blows straight in. The rooms which were not suited for such a solution are equipped with the FDK units. The collaboration with WEMA went well for both STULZ and WEMA. Both parties were satisfied with the progress and the result of the project. Owner Wesley Mastenbroek: “I experienced the collaboration with STULZ as extremely pleasant, the support that was offered was of high quality, both in terms of products and in service and knowledge. That, in combination with a top brand such as Mitsubishi Heavy Industries make this a successful project for both STULZ and WEMA “.

This story is set up in collaboration with WEMA Installaties.


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