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Together with NK Installatietechniek B.V., STULZ is responsible for the delivery, installation and commissioning of two heat pumps from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries in a new company building in Wouw. The Hydrolution is an air/water heat pump that offers major benefits in terms of energy savings and comfort. For this project, the new company building had to be provided with a pleasant temperature by means of underfloor heating. As an additional service, STULZ provided the commissioning. In this way, the installer is prepared for the future.

The customer

NK Installatietechniek B.V., based in Bergen op Zoom is a specialist in air conditioning, cooling and heating. The installation company was founded in 2005. Top comfort is of paramount importance to this installer. In addition, they always opt for the most energy-efficient systems. Which translates into the choice for Mitsubishi Heavy Industries systems.

The challenges

The reason to start this project was the demand from the end user for a gas-free way of heating which is as energy-efficient as possible. In addition, it was a wish of the installer to set up the systems as simply as possible so that they could be repeated at a later time in the other sections of the company building. This was also the main requirement of the end user. The new company building consists of three sections. A choice had to be made whether the building would be heated in one go or by means of three separate heat pump systems that would be set up in each separate section of the company building. The end user wanted to heat these parts as efficiently as possible.

The solution

In order to meet the above wishes and requirements, it was decided to install two Hydrolution heat pumps in cascade per section of the company building. A separate set-up has been chosen because this will lead to a higher Return On Investment (ROI) in the long term. Because the heat pumps are cascaded, they are redundant almost all year round and can also run at partial load for most of the time. This significantly improves energy efficiency. The second unit will not switch on until the first unit cannot reach the desired target temperature.

In addition to supplying the heat pumps, STULZ also took care of the commissioning of the first part of the systems. After checking the connections according to the specifications from the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries factory, the unit was set by one of our experts based on the wishes and requirements of the installer and the end user. A big advantage of the accompanying controller of the Hydrolution is the fact that these settings can be easily transferred to the two systems that have yet to be installed via an USB stick. This is a useful extra for the installer because STULZ commissioning only needs to take place once. For the two remaining systems it is a matter of plug and play.


In addition to the heat pumps, NK Installatietechniek B.V. was mainly pleased with the commissioning and additional service for this project. The new company building in Wouw is now prepared for the future with energy-efficient air/water heat pumps from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries.




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