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The importance of air handling

The importance of air handling

Fresh and healthy air is necessary to function properly. In the Netherlands, we spend much of our time at home, in the office and at school, for example. Unfortunately, the air quality there is often not up to standard. This can be done differently. Is a technique such as air treatment the solution?

Insulation is important to reduce energy losses, but ventilation is necessary for a healthy indoor climate. Good ventilation improves our performance, increases comfort and prevents diseases and allergies, among other things. Because of today's sound insulation and airtight construction, polluted air can no longer leave our buildings and homes naturally. To overcome this, it is necessary to install a good ventilation system. Fresh air must then be brought in comfortably and properly. This can be accomplished by air treatment, for example.

Several techniques

There are several possibilities, such as heat recovery units equipped with a heat wheel, cross-flow exchanger, counter-flow exchanger and twin-coil. The most commonly used technique is the heat wheel, because it also recovers part of the humidity. We can also provide the air handling unit with humidification. This can have a positive effect on the energy consumption of the installation.


Air handling is a sustainable solution to the problem outlined above. With an eye on the future and gasless construction, this is becoming increasingly relevant. By adding a heat pump to the air handling unit, it can heat and and/or cool the air. This is an example of an efficient electrical solution.
Air handling units can be customized and adapted to the requirements of the building or environment. Thus, an air handling unit can be provided with both humidification, cooling and heating by means of, for example, a heat pump or humidifier.

Sustainable solution

The answer to the question: is a technique such as air treatment the solution to improving air quality, is as simple as it is effective. Air treatment is a sustainable solution that lends itself to 'working together' with other techniques such as heat pumps. In this way, air treatment can contribute to an energy efficient way of improving air quality. In combination with heat pumps, even an electric solution is possible. Gas is then no longer a requirement. 

Solutions and challenges

Due to the variety of techniques and solutions, air handling units are complex but highly effective systems for improving air quality. In addition to the products themselves, maintenance is an important link in improving and maintaining air quality in the building or environment. For more information on solutions and challenges in air treatment? The specialists at STULZ are at your service. In particular, check out our ClimaPac air handling unit for comfort applications.


Smart solutions for your comfort applications. This air handling unit offers comprehensive and customized solutions for any (outdoor) application.

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