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Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and STULZ partner up for new Power Control Board for AHU's

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and STULZ develop new product

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries will introduce this summer / autumn (depending on delivery and timing) the AHU-KIT-SP, a new Power Control Board (PCB) used to seamlessly connect the power control of the FD-Series outdoor units to the control from an air handling unit. The control board is developed based on years of experience and in cooperation with S-Klima (a brand of STULZ). The analog control of the units (in 0-10 V or 4-20 mA) is based on the well-known FDSX with CompTrol Interface IV and the cascading function of the CompTrol Interface Master. The cascade function is further developed to be able to cascade not five units but even sixteen. In addition, the master unit in the system can be accessed via Modbus, something that was not previously possible, so from now on there are even more control options available. STULZ is proud of the more than 50-year cooperation with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and the fact that the cooperation between the two companies results in the improvement of products on both sides of the partnership.

The new PCB will be available for individual sale to installers and will be implemented in our STULZ ClimaPac air handler products where you have a plug-and-play solution with a combination of STULZ craftsmanship and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries top quality products. The ClimaPac air handling units are assembled, set and tested for you at our warehouse in Hoofddorp by our own F-gas certified personnel and are available in the air capacity range from 1.100 m3/h to 14.000 m3/h with heat wheel or cross flow exchanger.