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Installing air handling unit with heat pump: how easy can it be?

If you install an air handling unit with heat pump, you have to deal with the Building Code. As you know, this sets specific requirements for air quality, ventilation and energy performance standards. Of course, it is also important that a building is comfortable and healthy for its users. Especially in utility buildings such as offices, sports halls, care centers, schools, where many people come together. As an installer, you face a number of challenges in this regard. Installations are becoming more sophisticated and in most cases you need an F-gases diploma.

Besides: in these times of severe labor shortages, of course, you just have to have "the hands" to execute your project quickly and efficiënt. STULZ solves all these challenges in one fell swoop with the ClimaPac Compact. An air handling unit with heat pump: 'plug and play'. Integrated. In one prefabricated solution.

Complex technology
Air handling and heat pump systems are becoming increasingly technically complex. With the integration of advanced control systems, energy-efficient components and complex heat recovery techniques, installation is not getting any easier. It is not for nothing that almost all manufacturers of air handling and heat pump systems now have their own education and training facilities to train and retrain installers for these types of systems. Technological advances require you as an installer to become increasingly knowledgeable and skilled for optimal performance of the systems you work with.

If you install an air handling unit with heat pump and do not use natural refrigerants, then as an installer you need an F-gases certificate. For your company itself (BRL-100 certificate), but also for the mechanics who work with the F-gases (BRL-200 certificate). This costs money and time and requires regular refresher training, as technology and regulations are constantly evolving.

Labor market tightness
It has probably not escaped your notice that it is difficult to find experienced installers who can install air handling units and heat pumps. The huge shortage of well-trained professionals plays a major role in this. And as if that weren't enough, the growing complexity of installations makes it even more difficult. In addition, certifications such as the F-gases diploma create additional hurdles in attracting personnel.

And yet there are wonderful opportunities for you as an installer ...
Complex technology, certification requirements for F-gases and a tight labor market. If you're an HVAC installer who regularly gets requests to install air handlers with heat pumps on your plate, you have a challenge. If you're a W installer considering getting into it for the first time, it might even be a reason not to get into it. While there are wonderful opportunities when you look at the huge market demand.

ClimaPac Compact: perfect for the future-oriented installer
STULZ offers the perfect solution with the ClimaPac Compact. The ClimaPac Compact is mmn energy-efficient and space-saving total system for cooling, heating and ventilation. The system is delivered plug-and-play on a self-supporting frame. Mmt the powerful heat pumps from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. Fully assembled, configured and commissioned. Tuned for pressure and flow. This eliminates the need to buy the various parts separately and still connect them together when the installation is on the roof. This saves a lot of time and money. Another nice bonus is that the cooling circuit of the ClimaPac Compact is reduced to a minimum. This also makes it much less technically complex and greatly simplifies installation. It will be clear: for you as a future-oriented utility installer, the ClimaPac Compact is ideal. Very easy and quick to install: without extensive technical knowledge. And: you do not need an F gases certificate: the refrigeration finish is fully taken care of upon delivery. How easy can it be? At a time when convenience and efficiëntie are increasingly important to you as an installer in the HVAC industry, the ClimaPac Compact is ahead of its time. If you want to learn more about installing this total solution of an air handling unit with heat pump, find out all the benefits here.