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How STULZ can help you with fitting climate solutions for every applications. This page is specially designed to help and inform businesses to make the right decision for an healthy and comfort indoor climate.


Especially in these times where health and comfort are of a high importance in our society. On this page you will find various articles, projects, products and events which are relevant for the highlighted topic.


STULZ Articles

The importance of air handling for comfort applications

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Can we reduce the speed of viruses and bacteria? Where do we have to look?

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How does humidity affect the spread of viruses and bacteria?

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Clean Air - Cleaning functions and special filter technology

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External Articles

The corona virus and ventilation in buildings

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Ventilation schools extra risk

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Healthy Indoor Climate at home

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Projects Events


Installatie Vakbeurs Hardenberg 2021

Installatie Vakbeurs represents the entire installation industry, with a wide range of products, services & knowledge. The event will take place on the 7th, 8th and 9th of September 2021.

STULZ will show their airconditing and ventilation systems at this fair which are specific suited for comfort applications.

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