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MC Multizone

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Simple and robust, ideal for large industrial environments

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The compressed air adiabatic humidifier

Ideal for medium/large industrial environments, or in ducts in air handling units.

Adiabatic humidification
Adiabatic humidification
Production of cold mist through adiabatic system

Product Overview

At a glance

The operating principle of the mc system is to run compressed air and water through atomising nozzles so as to create a mist of very fine droplets.This atomised water is readily absorbed by the air, humidifying and cooling it. In fact, evaporation occurs by “absorbing” sensible heat from the air that, as a consequence, is cooled.

The microprocessor electronic controller on the mc multizone, this too designed and built by Carel, ensures completely automatic and reliable operation, guaranteeing the required humidity level at all times. The AISI 316 stainless steel atomising nozzles feature an exclusive self-cleaning system that reduces maintenance, even when the feedwater has a significant mineral salt content. The mc multizone system can be supplied complete with nozzle installation kit, UV lamp disinfection system, and accessories for quick installation and commissioning.

  • Guaranteed hygiene
    Automatic washing and emptying of the water whenever the unit stops;

  • Multizone
    Multiple cabinets can be connected in a master-slave network for multizone applications.

  • Easy to install
    The system adapts automatically to the pressure drop along the compressed air lines.
  • Guaranteed hygiene: automatic procedures to prevent stagnation of water, and UV disinfection

  • Self-cleaning nozzles: automatic cleaning cycles to minimise maintenance

  • user-friendly: display with simple and immediate user interface.
Technical Data

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Whether computer room, laboratory, clean room, hospital, office or administration building, STULZ's and CAREL's humidification systems ensure optimum operation and high quality standards.

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