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Vedotec is the supplier of system-independent components for Building Automation, Industrial Automation, HVAC, Measurement & Control Technology and Electrical Engineering. They offer products from many different brands.

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Installers are increasingly taking full responsibility from design to commissioning of a climate system. Dennis van der Blom, product specialist Comfort Cooling (Mitsubishi Heavy Industries) at STULZ, endorses this trend and has, for example, relieved the installer of various aspects of the new Vedotec building in Rotterdam. Although the latter had a different reason here.

Vedotec is a well-known relation of ours, says Dennis. "In the past, we supplied the climate system for the director's house and assisted the installer on duty with the commissioning. He was so satisfied with that that he suggested a similar collaboration for the new business premises as well." The new building in Rotterdam is equipped with the latest techniques in building automation and has been built economically, sustainably and comfortably.

STULZ advised on the installations and created the installation design for this project in collaboration with the installer. "Although we did not make the pipe calculations, we selected the right appliances based on the load calculations," Dennis clarifies. This resulted in three units of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Hydrolution type FDCW 140 in cascade arrangement with an FDCW 140 VNX-A outdoor unit and an HSB 140 indoor unit.

In total good for about 42 kW. In addition, an Energy Aquapura 200-litre heat pump boiler and twelve fan coils =. Dennis therefore looks back on a pleasant cooperation and says: "It's nice working with a technical customer like Vedotec, who is well informed and knows all the ins and outs."

Vedotec, the largest supplier in building automation in the Netherlands, created the building management system itself and provided the total integration with the heat pumps and fan coils. "From STULZ, we did provide the necessary (control) equipment for that, as well as some support in it, so that everything is well matched," Dennis emphasises. "We also provided assistance during commissioning, so that the customer is assured of a properly functioning climate system."


Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Thermal Systems air to water heat pump is a complete modern system for heating, cooling and producing hot sanitary water for houses, offering effective energy saving and reducing carbon dioxide emission.


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The Aquapuea high efficiency heat pump for Domestic Water Heating (DHW) is a modern solution, efficient, and clean solution that guarantees the comfort of your home, while always respecting the environment. A smart way to use Nature's resources in order to improve your quality of life. With this solution, you will be making a serious commitment to the reduction of harmful emissions into our atmosphere, thus contributing to the planet's natural balance.

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