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The Customer

Hotel-restaurant Bij Jacob, located in the heart of Lonneker, sets the scene for this transformation project. The hotel, nestled in a picturesque former rectory, and the adjoining restaurant, known for its hospitality and ambiance, were on the brink of a significant renovation. Guided by the vision of a progressive investor, the goal was to transform this historical location into a leading destination for visitors who value sustainability and comfort. This challenge brought them to STULZ and installer Erik Jongebloed, experts in delivering energy-efficient and future-proof solutions.

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With the ambitious aim to make two buildings fully sustainable and future-ready, the transformation began with a significant update: making the kitchen gas-free. This step reflects a deep understanding of the need for change and innovation in the current climate-conscious era.

During a meeting at hotel restaurant Bij Jacob in Lonneker, Rob Neutink, Sales Engineer Comfort Cooling at STULZ, he emphasized the importance of advanced climate control. As a market leader in server cooling and specialist in air handling and heat pump technology, STULZ brought its expertise to make the hotel and the restaurant energy-efficient. The collaboration with Erik Jongebloed resulted in implementing modern heat pumps and buffer tanks, making the buildings completely gas-free and future-oriented.

The collaboration led to an impressive transformation. The renovation of the hotel restaurant and the creation of eleven contemporary hotel rooms in the old rectory, started in 2022, symbolize a new chapter for Bij Jacob. The introduction of advanced technologies resulted in a fully gas-free kitchen, a significant step towards sustainability and energy efficiency. This success story underscores the importance of technological partners and solutions for realizing a future-proof and environmentally friendly enterprise.

For this project we used multiple airconditioning units from Mitsubsihi Heavy Industries.


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