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The Customer

STULZ undertook the challenge of transforming De Breyenburg, a former party farm in Ledeacker, into a modern office environment after it was rebuilt following a devastating fire. Their goal was to create a space that meets the current standards for work comfort and sustainability. To achieve this, STULZ collaborated with Workfor B.V., known for their air quality solutions expertise. Workfor B.V. was integral to the installation, expertly integrating each component and ensuring the project met its sustainability objectives, making them a vital partner in this renovation.

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The biggest challenge was the transition from a hospitality-oriented installation to a climate system suitable for a busy office. This required a versatile approach, incorporating underfloor heating and an air handling system that is adaptable for various seasonal needs while accommodating fluctuating occupancy rates.

We designed a robust system that flexibly addresses both heating and cooling needs, allowing for individual room control through wireless sensors and CO2 detection. The system includes an S-Klima heat pump and a Climapac Compact air handling unit for optimal air quality and energy efficiency, with an emphasis on environmental friendliness.

Thanks to a thorough approach and efficient planning, the installation was completed within the set timeframe. The new climate system now offers perfect temperature control and air quality, contributing to a healthy and productive office environment. All this was achieved without disrupting daily operations.

The core of our solution, the STULZ Climapac Compact, is specifically designed for complex climate control in office spaces. With two integrated heat pumps and an advanced ventilation system, it offers seamless integration of heating, cooling, and air handling, tailored to specific space requirements.


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