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The customer

Pluryn and BINX Smartility, leading organizations in youth care and the construction sector respectively, aimed for sustainable and energy-efficient solutions for their new facility on Valkenheide in Maarsbergen. By partnering with STULZ, they have taken an innovative step towards a gas-free future. Opting for STULZ's CO2 heat pump highlights their commitment to environmental responsibility and the well-being of Pluryn's residents, by ensuring warm tap water in an energy-efficient and reliable manner.

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At STULZ, we aim to contribute to a more sustainable future with innovative solutions. A recent project we are particularly proud of is the delivery of a state-of-the-art CO2 heat pump for the new gas-free youth care plus facility of Pluryn on Valkenheide in Maarsbergen. Our goal was to provide an energy-efficient solution for heating tap water, essential for the 28 showers and sinks in each of the two newly built facilities.

The challenge was to find a reliable, environmentally friendly solution for heating tap water without relying on fossil fuels. We chose the Q-ton heat pump from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, known for its efficiency and the use of CO2 as a natural refrigerant. In collaboration with BINX Smartility, who took care of the installation, we at STULZ designed the system, performed the necessary calculations, and selected the optimal products. Our technicians then took care of the commissioning, implementing specific adjustments such as peak moment determination and night reduction to prevent energy wastage.

Each of the two buildings is equipped with a Q-ton CO2 heat pump connected to two buffer tanks of 750 liters each. This configuration not only provides the necessary warm tap water but can also feed the underfloor heating when there is no direct demand for hot water. With the ability to heat water up to 90 degrees Celsius - even at extremely low outside temperatures - the Q-ton stands out for its performance and reliability. The system meets strict hygiene standards by running a legionella program weekly, heating the water to 75 degrees Celsius, well above the legal requirement.

The Q-ton heat pump represents our commitment to sustainability and innovation in the utility sector. As a supplier of heat pump solutions, we focus on offering systems that are not only energy-efficient and environmentally friendly but also versatile enough to meet the diverse needs of our customers. Whether it's heating tap water, contributing to underfloor heating systems, or realizing gas-free buildings, STULZ has the knowledge, experience, and products to meet any challenge. With projects like at Pluryn, we prove that the future of heating in utility construction lies with heat pump technology.

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