WKF Smart Heatpumps

It couldn't be simpler. Everything is completely installed in a single enclosure. Highly efficient, regulated heating circuit pump, heat exchanger, various fittings, and the Smart-Control control system. For existing and new buildings.



  • Low investment costs.

  • Power-modulated operation due to modern inverter mode.

  • Low operating costs due to high COP value (see technical data).

  • Heating and cooling.

  • Mounting-friendly installation. All connections are located at the top.

  • Night operation to reduce noise.

  • Smart-Control intelligent control system. Use in intelligent Smart-Grid power mains possible.

  • Technical unit handover by STULZ Technical Service possible.

  • Monoenergetic operation possible through REMKO Smart-Serv or bivalent operation possible through REMKO Smart-BVT.

  • Chimney sweep function.

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