The WKF Duo heatpump

Everything is installed in a single housing: Two highly efficient circulation pumps, two heat exchangers, various fittings, and the Smart-Control control system. In connection with existing tank systems, the WKF Duo is prefect for new buildings and renovations.



  • Low investment costs.

  • Smart-Inverter power-modulated mode. This saves money.

  • Low operating costs due to high COP value (see technical data).

  • Heating and cooling

  • Reduction of operation costs due to supply air conditions according to ASHRAE guidelines

  • Mounting-friendly installation. All connections from the top.

  • Intelligent control system. Use of Smart-Control in intelligent Smart Grid power mains possible.

  • Technical unit handover by STULZ Technical Service possible.

  • Monoenergetic operation through REMKO Smart-Serv.

  • Night operation to reduce noise.

  • Chimney sweep function.

  • Bivalently alternating operation using Smart-BVT externally

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