De ART-Style warmtepomp

Warmtepompen mogen niet als indringers worden beschouwd. De apparaten moeten elegantie uitstralen en zich aanpassen aan de ambiance. REMKO ArtStyle-warmtepompen integreren perfect en discreet in elke outdoor-leefomgeving.



  • Maximum efficiency in cooling capacity

  • Maximum saving potentials thanks to Indirect Dynamic Free Cooling

  • Maximum cooling capacity per minimum footprint

  • Maximum efficiency in air conduction

  • Reduction of operation costs due to supply air conditions according to ASHRAE guidelines

  • Cools reliably, precisely, quietly and exceptionally economically

  • Designed for continuous, no-downtime operation over many years

  • Use of EC technology for maximum efficiency

  • Compact design for easier transport and installation

  • Opportunity to get your unit tested in our Test Center

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