Up to 70% of the heat energy is cost-free heat from the ambient air. This goes easy on the household budget and the environment. With the cool exhaust air, adjacent rooms can be air-conditioned and dehumidified. Of particular advantage is installation in rooms that are already subject to dissipation heat due to heat generators. The REMKO hot-water heat pump RBW is ready to plug in. Rapid and easy installation is guaranteed. It is easy to use

Serie RBW 300 PV RBW 300 PV-S
Warmwater-bufferinhoud (netto) L 287 280
Drinkwatertemperatuur met warmtepomp °C 55 55
Warmwatertemperatuur max. °C 60 60
Verwarmingsvermogen kW 1,8 1,8
Aanzuigtemperatuur bedrijfsgrens min./max. °C -7/+40 -7/+40
Rendement COP volgens EN 255-3 3,7 3,7
Rendement COP volgens EN 16147 1) 2,61 2,61
Extra warmtewisselaar (aansluiting rechts) m2 1,5
Nominale spanning V/Hz 230/1~/50 230/1~/50
Stroomverbruik warmtepomp kW 0,46 0,46
Stroomverbruik elektro-verwarmingselement kW 1,5 1,5
Geluidsniveau/geluidsdrukniveau 1m halve bol dB(A) 53/45 53/45
Koelmiddel R 134a / 950g R 134a / 950g
Buislengte aanvoer-/afvoerluchtkanaal max. (bij 150 mm ø) m 6/6 6/6
Aansluiting aanvoer-/afvoerluchtkanaal mm 145 145
Hydraulische aansluiting waterzijde Inch IG ¾ IG ¾
Condensafvoer-aansluitstuk Inch IG ½ IG ½
Hoogte/kantelmaat mm 1870/1920 1870/1920
Diameter ø mm 650 650
Gewicht kg 97 105
Serie RBW 300 PV RBW 300 PV-S




  • Water temperatures up to 60°C for the accommodation of large tap volumes.

  • Incoming cold water flow technology.

  • The subsequent cold water flow is conducted down into the tank to prevent a mixing of the tank in case of a large tap volume.

  • Perfectly coordinated components to achieve the largest possible COP.

  • Externally installed heat exchanger. In this way, contamination is prevented and the best possible heat transfer is implemented.

  • Use of 2 tank sensors for precise temperature measurements.

  • Very good insulation.

  • Specially formed fins for an effective heat transfer and maximum efficiency.

  • Effective hot-gas thawing function for low air intake temperatures.

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