Ultimate SAM

ultimateSAM can use steam both from a network under pressure (to 4 bars) and from an steam humidifier.

In the first case, the fluid reaches the distributor via a regulating valve, by means of which there is an expansion that almost reaches atmospheric pressure. In the second case, ultimateSAM is connected directly to the steam producer; in this case the modulation of the flow of steam is carried out directly by the humidifier. In order to minimize condensation, the lances for the distribution of steam have been designed with deflectors and nozzles so as to ensure that only dry steam is released into the air handler unit/duct. It is available in capacities from 20 to 1.100 kg/h.



  • Modulating valves with electric actuator and automatic closing safety device in case of power failure;

  • Steam input connections in stainless steel;

  • Separators and condensate drains to prevent the condensation of the power line from reaching the valve of the distributor.

  • Y-filters for the removal of any impurities present in the supply piping

  • Short absorption distances (approx. 0.5m).



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