Solarset RSK 25-5

The solar set consisting of two solar collectors type RSK 25-5 is an efficient supplement to hot-water preparation.

With the thermal high-performance solar collectors Type RSK 25, you can operate your heating system with even greater efficiency in combination with the inverter heat pump from REMKO.

With the refined workmanship and specially developed heat conducting technology, a maximum amount of solar energy is utilised.

The RSK 25-5 solar set with two solar collectors utilises solar energy for hot-water preparation. 

The REMKO solar sets provide unsurpassed performance in a perfectly attuned system configuration with the well-known inverter heat pump.installatie de warmwaterbereiding overneemt. Het complete systeem wordt bestuurd via de intelligente regeling REMKO Smart-Control. Door de REMKO warmtepomp-solarpakketten kan aan vrijwel alle wensen worden voldaan.

Depending on the solar set, the heat pump can be used for air conditioning during the summer, whereas the thermal solar system assumes the hot water preparation. The complete system is controlled via the REMKO Smart-Control intelligent control system. Almost every desire can be fulfilled by the REMKO heat pump solar packages.



  • 2x collectors type REMKO RSK 25 (5.06 m²)

  • Straight collector connector

  • Solar station with HE pump

  • MAG 18, expansion vessel

  • Wall mount for MAG

  • Connecting tube for MAG

  • Premixed glycol, 10 l

  • Basic mounting set

  • Fin-tube heat exchanger RWT 18

  • Immersion probe and collector sensor

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