The wall and ceiling chests are characterised by a discreet design

In combination with the REMKO heat pump, the wall and ceiling chests are excellently suited for the renovation of heating systems, as well as for new construction. Despite low inlet temperatures, the units quickly generate heat. In this way, the system can react to fluctuations in the outdoor temperatures quickly and dynamically. The REMKO wall or ceiling chests work efficiently and thus require only low inlet temperatures during heating operations – the ideal supplement to low-temperature systems, such as heat pumps. They are excellently suited as an efficient replacement for heaters in old buildings or for conversions in order to lower high inlet temperatures to an economical value. In summer, the units can also be used for cooling. In this way, they supply pleasant, draft-free, and cool air to the room. They can optionally be used for vertical installation into the wall or horizontal installation below the ceiling and are excellently suited for installation into private living areas. An extremely low-noise three-stage tangential fan provides impeccable air distribution and maximises vent output. The copper-aluminium register is designed for medium temperatures of up to 80°C. Due to the large heat exchanger, an effective heating operation is guaranteed at low inlet temperatures.



  • The ideal solution for optically discreet air conditioning

  • Low-noise appliance operation

  • Service-friendly unit structure KWK-4R series

  • For horizontal and vertical installations

  • Extensive accessories available

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