Police station Zwolle

Compact and reliable, the MiniSpace EC. A cooling solution for the police station in Zwolle.

STULZ was responsible for supplying six MiniSpace EC units. A number of conditions and requirements were set for this project which the chosen cooling solution had to meet.

The customer

The customer

BAM Bouw en Techniek knows the world of its customer and the wishes of the end-user. They develop housing solutions which are flexible in function, space and use.

Thus, the building and installation are ready for the changing function and technology of the future. BAM Bouw en Techniek is an expert in all areas of installation.


The challenges

The challenges

The reason this project was started was because of the state of the former downflow units in the server rooms of the police in Zwolle. These units were due for replacement. Given the sensitivity of the data which are on the servers, this had to be done reliably and thoroughly without any room for complications or mistakes.

The main challenge of this project was the location where the units had to be set up. The server rooms of the police station are only accessible via a narrow staircase. Which means that the chosen solution had to be compact. In addition, the customer’s wish was that there should be as little architectural change as possible to get the units to the desired location.


The solution

The solution

As illustrated earlier in this article, the location of the units was challenging. The dimensions of the selected units had to be thoroughly checked beforehand. In addition, the quality of the cooling solution should not be affected by the size restrictions. As a result of the outlined conditions, the STULZ MiniSpace EC was chosen. In total, six units have been placed at the police station.

This product, which has been developed in STULZ’s own production facility in Hamburg (Germany), is characterized by its reliability and efficiency. The MiniSpace EC has been in the STULZ portfolio for years. No lack of experience whatsoever.

With the MiniSpace EC it is possible to regulate the correct condition of both the temperature and the relative humidity. Experience shows that in some cases, split systems are used for IT spaces. These cannot be compared in terms of qualtiy an d efficency to the MiniSpace unit from STULZ. Read more concerning this topic in the following article.

BAM Bouw en Techniek experienced the cooperation with STULZ as pleasant and was very satisfied with the end result. The police station of Zwolle is prepared for high temperatures in the server rooms. The data is protected without any risk.

This story was written in collaboration with: BAM Bouw en Techniek

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