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WKF Compact

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Due to the compact design and integrated components, the WKF-compact series does not require a large installation surface.

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The WKF Compact heatpump

Due to the compact design and integrated components, the WKF-compact series does not require a large installation surface. In combination with underfloor heating, this heat pump is perfectly suitable for new construction. This saves space in the installation room. Installation costs are limited by the large number of pre-assembled components.

Air to water heatpump
An all-electric solution
Low investment costs
Low investment costs
Cost optimized product
REMKO Smart Inverter
REMKO Smart Inverter
Energy saving and efficient operation.
Compact unit
Compact unit
Maximum cooling capacity with a minimal footprint

Product Overview

At a glance

The compact class saves space and installation effort

WKF-compact series does not require a large mounting area due to its compact construction and integrated components. In connection with underfloor heating, this unit is perfectly suited for new buil-dings. This construction saves space in the mounting area. The costs for installation are reduced by the high percentage of premounted components.

  • Maximum efficiency in cooling capacity

  • Maximum saving potentials thanks to Indirect Dynamic Free Cooling

  • Maximum cooling capacity per minimum footprint

  • Maximum efficiency in air conduction

  • Reduction of operation costs due to supply air conditions according to ASHRAE guidelines.
  • Cools reliably, precisely, quietly and exceptionally economically

  • Designed for continuous, no-downtime operation over many years

  • Use of EC technology for maximum efficiency

  • Compact design for easier transport and installation

  • Opportunity to get your unit tested in our Test Center
Technical Data

Technical data can be found in the download section below.

All details concerning the WKF Compact

The REMKO inverter technology saves money

The REMKO Smart-WP represents a decision for a state-of-the-art solution. Modern inverter technology makes this possible. This pioneering technology automatically adapts the condenser speed variably to the precise cooling or heating requirement. This exact and gentle regulation enables a particularly energy saving, efficient operation with a high seasonal performance factor in com-parison to non-inverter systems.

In summary: In the event of increased demand, the heat pump works more intensively, in the event of reduced demand the heat pump switches over to energy-saving mode.

REMKO Smart Control Touch

The future is smart

The intuitive controller software with a plain-text menu and 4.3“ touch display. Connection to all regenerative energies is possible. Whether heat pumps, solar energy, or photovoltaics, anything can be integrated. Use in a Smart-Grid or Smart Home system, such as KNX, is possible.

More information

Heatpump technology

The technology of the heat pump is similar to that of a refrigerator - only the principle is reversed. The heat extracted from the air is brought up to a higher temperature level in a refrigerant circuit and is then transferred to the heating water in the indoor unit.

Function of indoor unit

The heat coming into the refrigerant circuit from the outside is brought to a higher temperature level by the condenser and trans-ferred to the heating water in the indoor unit. In order to cool, the function of the heat pump is simply reversed.

Function of outdoor unit

The outdoor unit extracts heat from the air. This heat is transferred to the refrigerant and conducted to the indoor unit. The fan speed adapts to the precise cooling or heating requirement.


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