Precision cooling

Climate solutions you can rely on for precision cooling.

Backed by over 40 years of experience, STULZ is one of the leading pioneers in climate solutions for critical applications and data centers. STULZ air conditioning equipment has been developed and produced in Germany in accordance with exceptionally strict testing and quality criteria and therefore meets the highest quality standards.

We are specialists in our field and have a high level of technical expertise in data centers that extends far beyond our core business. The STULZ range includes traditional cooling room cooling, high-density cooling, chillers, container modules and air handling units with adiabatic cooling. All systems are available with Indirect Free Cooling. STULZ also offers Direct Free Cooling for precision air conditioners, air handling units and modular data centers.

Because of the different dimensions, extensive additional options and modularity, the STULZ precision cooling range is unique in the world and therefore ensures optimum air conditioning for virtually every datacenter project.

Minispace EC

If you need precise, reliable and cost effective air conditioning for small equipment and server rooms, the MiniSpace EC series is an energy efficient and long-lasting series that fits the bill. The units require little floor space, and their compact size means they can be integrated in existing server rooms without problems.

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CyberAir 3

To reach maximum cooling performance in datacenters with minimum floor space and maximum potential savings, we have developed the CyberAir 3 series. Due to our long-term experience with worldwide projects we can present a product that offers even more flexibility and efficiency.

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Reliable chillers for precision cooling.

The units, which were produced in Hamburg, have been developed especially for use in datacenters and industry and satisfy all requirements for efficiency and reliability.

Airhandling made efficient.

Far more than just a product, the CyberHandler 2 is a complete solution.

CyberHandler 2

With a high efficient indirect evaporative Free Cooling design and state-of-the-art components the CyberHandler 2 minimizes the running costs and achieves pPUE values down to 1,02.

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But we have much more...

Our productportfolio consists out of solutions for every climate related issue. For example the STULZ Micro DC for modular datacenter solutions, CyberHub software solutions and other products related to shelter and high density cooling.

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