optiMist is a humidifier and adiabatic evaporative cooler.

The optiMist is a humidifier and adiabatic evaporative cooler that, by atomizing water into small droplets, allows the latter to evaporate spontaneously, subtracting heat from the humidified air, which is cooled at the same time.


The system consists of a cabinet, inside which there is a flap valve pump, with pressures up to 15 bar, and an atomized water distribution rack, to be installed inside the air treatment unit. The sophisticated control system managed by the pCO, allowing the system to operate always at optimum pressure in a wide flow range. It is available in capacities from 50 to 1000 l/h.



  • the control cabinet, the new ventilation heads and the quick-coupling hose kits allow an extremely easy system arrangement, even if the staff is less skilled and has no special tools;

  • the spontaneous evaporation of water droplets in the air removes sensible heat from the environment (0.69 kW for each litre of water that evaporates), with only 4 W of electric power per litre of atomised water;

  • automatic flushing and filling procedures and connections to the water cleaning systems by reverse osmosis always distribute fresh and clean water in the ambient;

  • drainage valves and flushing cycles to avoid water stagnation;

  • materials used which do not contribute to bacterial growth; can be used with demineralized water, softened water or mains water.



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