Comfort Cooling

Innovative products and solutions for all comfort airconditioning requirements

Excellent, high-quality mono- and multi-split comfort airconditioners and VRF systems. Supplemented by control modules and appliance components from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries for individualizing sophisticated comfort airconditioning solutions.



The KX series ensures efficient airconditioning of large buildings. The KX series stands out in terms of comfort, and energy efficiency. Indoor and outdoor units can be combined with each other almost indefinitely and controlled and monitored centrally or remotely. In short, the VRF series from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries is the room climate system for the highest demands.

KX-Serie products

More information on our VRF projects

  • Up to 80 indoor units can be combined with one outdoor unit

  • Individual project design

  • The right indoor and outdoor unit for every application

  • Comfortable cooling mode in summer / monovalent heating mode in winter


Designed for cooling and heating in the small power range, the environmentally friendly series is mainly used in small commercial buildings or homes with up to 6 rooms. The indoor units are particularly quiet, all outdoor units operate safely down to -15 ° C outside temperature and are equipped with the energy-efficient inverter technology.

SX-Serie products

  • Up to six indoor units per outdoor unit can be connected

  • Highly efficient inverter technology

  • Cooling and heating operation


Our extremely compact outdoor and indoor units for heating and cooling ensure an ideal working environment in open-plan offices 365 days a year and optimal feel-good climate in shops.

FDS-Serie products

  • For use as a monosplit or simultaneous multisplit system

  • As normal inverter or HyperInverter outdoor units

  • Cooling operation down to -15 ° C, heating up to -20 ° C

  • Up to 16 indoor units via one remote control

  • Cooling and heating operation


The monosplit systems cool and heat individual rooms such as small shops or private bedrooms as well as conservatories cost-effectively. This creates an ideal feel-good climate all year round.

S-Serie products

  • Equipment sets consisting of an indoor and an outdoor unit

  • Appealing indoor units for every taste

  • Excellent energy efficiency

  • Highly efficient inverter technology

  • Cooling and heating operation


The split system in cooperation with Misubishi Heavy Industries for reliable and efficient cooling equipment and server rooms.

Product information

  • Specially designed for heat loads in equipment and server rooms

  • Cooling capacity from 5 to 52 kW

  • Precise regulation of room temperature and air humidity

  • Available in 2 different sizes

  • Available as Downflow and Upflow version

CompTrol & Controlling


The operation of airconditioning systems can be made even more economical, more comfortable and safer thanks to smart control and regulation technology. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries' innovative CompTrol products specifically for airconditioning systems are designed to take comfort-climate systems to a whole new level. Continuous remote monitoring makes it possible, for example, to detect faults early via remote diagnosis. The modular series offers a suitable system for every task, from a single local solution to integration in existing building management and management systems.

Controlling products

  • The right module for every need

  • From the local one-room solution to integration in complex building management systems

  • Developed for the requirements in the global market

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