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Learn more about how heatpumps work in general.

REMKO and MHI heatpumps are most efficient in their use and are designed by specialits to keep everything in one unit. REMKO and MHI heatpumps are the most technical advanced solution concerning heatpumps. Find more information about how heatpumps work in general on this page.

The benefits of a heat pump are obvious

Compared with other heating systems, the purchase cost of a heat pump for new buildings or renovations is relatively quick.The airborne solar energy is an inexhaustible source of energy without emission. Heat pumps involve most of the energy from ambient air. This even works in winter at outdoor temperatures below the freezing point. Only the drive power must be supplied by electric power. Heat sources with power up to 70 kW must be provided with an energy efficiency label. Currently, TVs, refrigerators, washing machines etc. already have this label.

  • Significantly lower consumption and operating costs

  • Hardly any maintenance costs

  • No charge for a chimney or chimney sweeper

  • No costs for a tank

  • No costs for a tank space

  • Easy installation


The ratio can vary depending on the outdoor temperature and operating conditions. Accurate data about the COP value can be found in the technical data.

Energy efficiency of the indoor heating, depending on the season.

The new energy efficiency label and its meaning

The label contains energy efficiency classes from A ++ to G in different colors. Devices from Class A ++ are the most economical in terms of energy consumption. Consumers can check the energy efficiency of the products so quickly and without technical details. Different labels are used for different applications.

Modern inverter technology

With the REMKO ArtStyle heatpump, you choose the latest inverter-plus technology. Even at low outdoor temperatures, high supply temperatures and good performance are possible. With this forward-looking technology solution, the compressor speed adjusts accurately and continuously to the respective. Required cooling and heating requirements. Due to this precise flowing arrangement, compared to non-inverter systems, a highly energy efficient, efficient company with high annual efficiency is achieved.

In summary:

In case of a big question, the heat pump works more intensively, with a smaller demand, the heat pump runs on the "warning flame" as it were. That's cost-saving.


How does it work?

  • Heat pump technology

    The heat pump technology resembles that of a refrigerator - only the principle is reversed. The air extracted heat is brought into a refrigerant circuit at a higher temperature level and transferred to the indoor water heating water.

  • Operation inside unit

    The outside heat in the refrigerant circuit is brought to a higher temperature level and transferred to the indoor water heating water. In order to cool, the function of the heat pump is only reversed.

  • Operation outside unit

    The outdoor unit extracts heat from the air. This heat is transferred to the refrigerant and to the indoor unit. The compressor speed and fan speed always adjust continuously and accurately to the required cooling and cooling. Heat demand

  • Effective drinking water preparation

    The high supply temperature up to 63 ° C provides a comfortable drinking water heater via an external drinking water buffer.

  • Combination with underfloor heating, modern radiators and wall heating

    Combined with underfloor heating, heat pumps achieve their highest efficiency. A pleasant warmth is also guaranteed at lower outdoor temperatures.

  • Combination with a REMKO solar power plant RSK for economical drinking water preparation and heating support

    On average, direct solar energy generates a higher share of hot water production throughout the year. An interface and assembly point is the combination with buffer systems.

  • Optimum use of PV power

    The REMKO ArtStyle heat pump can preferably be powered by the self-generated PV power. This is cost-effective and less dependent on increases in the flow price.

  • Pleasant climate in summer

    On warm days the heat pump can be used for cooling. The operation of the heat pump will only be reversed

  • Ideal for remediation

    Due to the high supply temperature to 63 ° C, a combination with NT radiators is possible.

Technical perfection

  1. Multitalent control Smart-Control. Connection to Smart-Grid smart grid is possible.

  2. Bypass valve for guarantee and volume flow.

  3. REMKO SmartServ heating rod 9 kW for mono-energetic company incl. Emergency heating function - optional.

  4. Integrated circulation pump with power control and EC technology for heating system heating.

  5. Sound-insulated scroll compressor.

  6. Sound insulated housing unit with EPP parts for minimizing energy loss and noise emission.

  7. Frequency converter for power control.

  8. Electronic volume flow sensor.

Technical perfection

  1. Radial fan with speed control and EC technology in the outdoor unit. ErP ready.

  2. Night shift switch for additional noise reduction.

  3. Robust aluminum and stainless steel housing.

  4. Especially formed aluminum lamellae for maximum heat absorption.

  5. Rugged anthracite stone base.


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