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The European Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (ESEER) is an adapted version of the EER. In addition to the full-load operation (100%) of the EER, partial loads (75%, 50%, 25%) are also included in the calculation. Beyond that, various temperature influences (35 °C, 30 °C, 25 °C and 20 °C) are taken into account over a whole year.

Certification of the ESEER (DIN EN 14825/DIN EN 14511) is issued by the Eurovent Certification Company. Some ESEER values were obtained in the certification at certified test levels. Furthermore, the ESEER is intended to neutrally compare chillers for comfort cooling.

Calculation example

It is important to mention that account must be kept of the setup location/outdoor temperature, the heat exchanger surface and electrical components. In addition, the ESEER is not suitable for data centres, as the value is calculated only at outdoor temperatures above 20 °C.

Load Inlet cooling air temperature Inlet cooling water temperature Weighting factor (share of operating time/year) Cooling capacity Electrical power EER
100% 35°C 30°C 3% 400 kW 70.6 kW 5.67
75% 30°C 26°C 33% 300 kW 41.0 kW 7.32
50% 25°C 22°C 41% 200 kW 21.5 kW 9.30
25% 20°C 18°C 23% 100 kW 8.8 kW 11.36

ESEER = EER (100%35°C) x 0,03 + EER (75%30°C) x 0,33 + EER (50%25°C) x 0,41 + EER (25%20°C) x 0,23

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