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The Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) measures the energy efficiency of a cooling system. The ratio of the power consumption (in kW) and the output cooling power of a cooling system is used. It is important to mention that this ratio is measured with an outdoor temperature of 35 °C and an indoor  temperature of 27 °C.

EER=QCooling capacity / Peletrical

Calculation example
An EER value of 3.0 means that 1 kW of electricity (P) is required to generate a cooling capacity (Q) of 3 kW. Applicable here: the higher the value, the better.

STULZ Select software
Take note: a good high value can always be compared, but only applies to the time when the cooling system is on full-load operation. An average EER value would therefore be more relevant under the actual circumstances (temperature). With our STULZ Select software you can make your own selection regarding the cooling system. Please feel free to contact us in this respect.

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