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STULZ sponsors cooling system for flight simulator Nederlands Transport Museum

The Netherlands Aerospace Center (NLR) had to say goodbye to the Grace flight simulator due to renovation and demolition of its various buildings. A flight simulator that is unique in its kind. The Dutch Transport Museum (NTM) tries to preserve the heritage of everything that drives and flies, think of buses, planes, but also mopeds from the 1960s and the like. So the Grace fits perfectly in their picture and that's how the talks between NLR and NTM came about. Within the NTM the Aviosim Foundation is a unit which specializes in flight simulators. Therefore it was quickly arranged that the Grace flight simulator would move to the NTM.

Once moved and installed it soon became clear that although the setup was now rigid, the temperature in the cockpit quickly rose above the desired and allowed values. A solution was needed. Searching for a solution Ron van Houten, president of the Aviosim Foundation, contacted STULZ to see if we could come to a solution for the above problem.

STULZ sees the importance of preserving heritage such as the Grace flight simulator and therefore decided to sponsor the necessary cooling system. In this way the climate in the simulator is properly regulated and there is a comfortable temperature at all times.