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Is maintenance for data centers necessary? It definetly is!

Maintenance for data centers

Everything around us needs maintenance to a greater or lesser extent. Not just to ensure that it continues to function properly, but also to be able to detect any defects in time and to anticipate them.

The cooling system in a data center may not be the first thing that springs to mind, but perhaps it is precisely here that proper maintenance is of great importance. After all, we are using more and more data and are becoming increasingly dependent on it. Think about it: No data traffic means no apps on your smartphone, no navigation in your car, traffic lights that no longer work or how about ATMs and scanning machines in the supermarket that can no longer connect. Watching TV at home then? Ai... that doesn't work either. Netflix, Amazon Prime, Facebook or Instagram? No, these services are also not possible without data traffic. You understand: failure of all data traffic could cause worldwide chaos.

It is therefore not without reason that many systems in data centers are classified as "business critical" and are therefore in most cases redundant. In this way, business operations are not compromised when necessary maintenance is performed and there is also backup in case of unforeseen calamities. In addition to maintenance in order to overcome failures or malfunctions in a timely manner, limiting energy consumption plays a major role. It will be no secret that data centers consume a lot of energy, including cooling. However, as a rule of thumb, 100 kW of electrical power can supply approximately 300 kW of cooling power. That is still relatively "much", especially when you consider that there are 1000 kW or more of cooling power installed in a data center.

Any waste of energy is a waste, which is why we as maintenance specialists look beyond standard leak checks. Of course, the refrigerant is also harmful to the environment and a leak must be detected in time to be able to repair it, but the settings and fine-tuning of the installation to the existing load is also important. This way energy can be saved. The situation in a data center also changes frequently: servers are added or removed, the layout of the server cabinets changes, the load increases locally, etc. Our service engineers can adjust the installation to these changes. Our account managers can also give advice on floor layouts or simple tips on installing blind plates in the server racks where no server is mounted. In 99% of cases it does not matter what brand the cooling system is, it is important to think along with the customer and to identify and discuss the possibilities for business efficiency.

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Arno Dörr

Head of Service at STULZ GROEP B.V. Responsible for the entire service department.