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KX Micro

Compact VRF-series from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. An unit for cooling and heating with R410A.

The versatile VRF series from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

System solutions up to 168 kW cooling and 189 kW heating up to a maximum of 80 indoor units and a connectable power of 200% in one refrigerant circuit.The KX-Series leaves nothing to be desired in terms of comfort and energy efficiency. Indoor and outdoor units can be combined indefinitely, both centrally and locally controlled. KX outdoor units come in many variants with many options.


KX Micro: The compact solution

Outdoor units with inverter technology. The VRF compact solution.



  • Space saving

    Extremely space-saving with an adjustment surface of approx. 0.3 - 0.5 m².

  • Capacaties

    Cooling capacity range of 12.1 kW - 33.5 kW and heating capacity range of 12.1 kW - 37.5 kW.

  • Energy saving

    Energy-saving inverter technology with stepless capacity control.

  • Fans

    Compatible with up to two fans.

  • Indoor units

    Compatible with up to 24 indoor units from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries.

  • Optional Comptrol control systems

    Including operating and malfunction reports, temperature limit alarm, remote ON / OFF, sequencing, measurement and control software and GBS connections.

VRF systems

VRF systems

VRF systems from Mitsubishi heavy Industries can heat, cool, ventilate and regulate.

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