KEC is the evaporative cooling solution designed for OEMs.

The KEC kits include a water circuit to be installed in a section of the AHU, the inverter and electronic controller to be integrated into the unit's electrical panel and the components making up the atomisation system in the air duct. It is available in capacities from 50 to 1000 l/h. The KEC is designed towards the specific needs of flexibility, simplicity, compactness and integration.



  • separation between the water circuit and the electronics means KEC can be installed freely inside the OEM’s unit;

  • KEC modulates production through the combined action of inverter and on-off solenoid valves;

  • water inlet is measured by a flow sensor and is optimised using a self-adaptive control algorithm;

  • KEC does not cause additional pressure drop for the AHU fans, unlike traditional wetted media systems;

  • the design of the atomisation system allows adaptability to all possible installation layouts;

  • without any chemical biocides, KEC guarantees absence of bacteria proliferation by emptying the piping during standby and running periodical washing cycles.

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