humiSteam Xplus

humiSteam plus (X) humidifiers represent CAREL's high-end solution in immersed electrode humidifiers.

They have a built-in controller with graphic display and keypad for programming and controlling operation. Complete diagnostics with text messages and alarm log with time stamping. Steam flow-rate is modulated continuously from 20 to 100% of maximum capacity (10 to 100% in the 90 and 130 kg/h models), except for ON/OFF mode, where production is all or nothing. He is available in capacity’s from 1,5 to 130 kg/h.



  • an anti-foaming system (AFS) detects foam to prevent droplets of water being carried by the steam;

  • cylinders with galvanised electrodes and anti-scale filter at bottom, openable cylinders also available;

  • easy to use, graphic display with clear messages in different languages;

  • BMS connectivity via various types of LAN (e.g.: Modbus® (standard), BACnet™, LON®);

  • automatic water drain after 3 days of inactivity.



  • HumiSteam ENG

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