humiSonic direct

The features of the new humiSonic direct highlight its versatility and make it suitable for every type of application.

For example, a humiSonic direct humidifier installed in the hot aisle of a datacentre eliminates the need for steam humidifiers in the CCU, simplifying the system and guaranteeing a very fast return on investment, due to the 90% lower running costs. He is available in capacities from 2 to 8 l/h. Applications for the humiSonic are for example: datacentres, museums, offices, printing facilities and cold stores are some of the typical uses, thanks to its compactness and efficiency.



  • just 10% of the power consumption of electric steam humidifiers allows energy savings;

  • 10,000 hours of uninterrupted operation guaranteed; relative humidity control of ±1% on the set point;

  • the droplets, approximately 5 µm in size, evaporate instantly;

  • humiSonic direct is easy to install because it only requires a power and feed water connection to start running;

  • stainless steel components, no water recirculation and periodical washing cycles for an high degree of hygiene;

  • availability of Modbus® protocol and communication with different types of control signals.



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