humiSonic compact

humiSonic compact consists of a small water storage tank with piezoelectric transducers installed at the bottom.

The surface of the transducer vibrates at very high speed (1.65 million times a second), thus generating a column of very fine water droplets, with a diameter of around 5 µm. A build in ventilator creates a forced air stream that carries the mist produced into the room. The built-in electronic board ensures precise control of unit operation and humidity production, with a complete and intuitive user interface. He is available in capacities of 0,5 and 1 l/h.



  • Compact dimensions

  • the droplets, approximately 5 µm in size, evaporate instantly;

  • humiSonic compact is easy to install because it only requires a power and water connections to start running; no water recirculation and periodical washing cycles for an high degree of hygiene;

  • controller with clear users interface;

  • availability of different distribution systems for a high-performance system;

  • availability of Modbus® protocol and communication with different types of control signals.



  • HumiSonic ENG

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    • Date: 2017-08-09

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