humiFog, the atomizing adiabatic humidifier.

The humiFog is a atomizing adiabatic humidifier which uses the pressurized energy given by a pump and the nozzles mounted on the edge of a frame (rack) to atomize demineralized water into micrometric drops in the air handling unit or in the environment to humidify.


Thanks to the technology used, humiFog proves to be a highly efficient and accurate product. The efficiency is given by the high pressure: the volumetric piston pump allows it to reach a pressure of 70 bar, which, together with the special nozzles, atomize the water in droplets of a diameter of approximately 15 µm. 



  • large capacity up to 1000 l/h for applications such as spray booths and data centres

  • very low power consumption compared to a cooling of tens of thermal kW;

  • master and slave configuration to serve up to 6 independent areas with a single pumping unit

  • certified hygiene thanks to the use of demineralized water, washing cycles, complete drainage of water and the use of materials according to the law, without the use of chemicals and biocides



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