humiFog direct

humiFog direct is the new solution by CAREL entirely dedicated to ambient adiabatic humidification.

humiFog direct is a high pressure atomiser which generates a constant water pressure of 70 bar. Thanks to the new ventilation heads, water is atomised in very fine droplets distributed in the environment. The powerful flow of the fans favours spontaneous absorption of atomisation in the air. Relative humidity can thus be controlled wherever required and the advantages of evaporative cooling can be exploited, "absorbing" heat generated by machines inside production sites and decreasing temperature with very low energy consumption. He is available with capacities of 40 and 80 l/h.



  • the control cabinet, the new ventilation heads and the quick-coupling hose kits allow an extremely easy system installation and arrangement;

  • the spontaneous evaporation of water droplets in the air removes sensible heat from the environment (0.69 kW for each litre of water that evaporates), with only 4 W of electric power per litre of atomised water;

  • automatic flushing and filling procedures and connections to the water cleaning systems by reverse osmosis always distribute fresh and clean water in the ambient for a high degree of hygiene;

  • integrated BACnetTM and Modbus®, USB port, webserver, Wi-Fi probe capability;

  • for access to the integrated web server via the local network has the unit an Ethernet connection. This means the unit can be configured and monitored directly from a web browser on a PC, tablet or smart phone.



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