humiDisk is a centrifugal humidifier that uses a rotating disk to atomize the water into millions of tiny droplets which, driven by a built-in fan, are released into the environment humidifying and cooling the air.

humiDisK is a simple and easy to maintain humidifier with an energy consumption of just 220W for the 6,5 l/h model (31W for the 1,0 l/h model). The version with a capacity of 1.0 l/h is compact, easy to use and can be controlled by a switch or humidistat.



  • easy to install and use

  • guaranteed performance and versatility in all conditions, thanks to a rapid absorption of the droplets produced

  • large and complete accessory kit (electrical panel, humidistat, anti-freeze resistance, UV lamp)

  • reduced dimensions thanks to the predisposition for wall installation



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