Humidification for demanding applications

The CAREL heaterSteam is an important step beyond the current resistance humidifiers available on the market and is the first humidifier in the world with IoT (Internet of Things).

The heaterSteam: steam distribution

The heaterSteam can be used for humidification in a duct with stainless steel steam lances or directly in a room by using the CAREL steam exhaust hood. In the most critical applications for maximum performance, the ultimateSAM is the ideal partner for the heaterSteam. The steam distribution system with high efficiency: this guarantees a very short recording distance of just a few centimeters, while at the same time, condensation is prevented as much as possible. By using the special steam nozzles for wall mounting, steam can be blown into steam baths.

The heaterSteam specifics


The heaterSteam c.pHC electronic controller, designed and developed by CAREL, ensures easy installation, commissioning and exceptional performance. The two versions of the heaterSteam, which looked at the different applications, share some important basic functions, such as:

  • Start-up wizard
  • Modulating maximalsensor
  • Cloud based monitoring
  • Thermo shok (simplifies maintenance)
  • RS485


  • AFS (patented) anti-foam system

  • Elements proected against overheating (unique in the market)

  • Independent of water quality

  • High degree of accuracy

  • The heaterSteam can control up to 19 units in parallel (capacity can be extended to 1,600 kg/h)

  • B.Leffers - Sales manager humidification

    "The characteristics of steam humidification make this technique the best solution in applications where the priority is hygiene such as in healthcare, research laboratories or the food industry. Steam is completely aseptic and contains no solid particles, an intrinsic quality that is guaranteed without having to pre-treat the feed water."



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