Comfort cooling | FDS-Serie

FDT 100-140 VH

Ceiling and outdoor units from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. An unit for cooling and heating with R32.

R32 refrigerant

R32 is the next generation refrigerant that boasts nearly 70% lower Global Warming Potential Rate
than R410A. Due to its superior qualities R32 offers amazing energy efficiency benefits. It has a
potential refrigerating effect 1.5 times that of R410A meaning it needs less energy to achieve the
desired temperature and requires less refrigerant volume to operate.




  • Fresh and exhaust air


  • Optimal air distribution

    Thanks to the Autoswing functions.

  • Eco function

    Contributes to the reduction of the operating costs.

  • Built-in pump

    With a height of 850mm.

  • Easy maintenance

    Due to the large, easily removable panel.

  • Hotstart and Hotspurt function

    For rapid heating of cold rooms.

  • Optional Comptrol control systems

    Including operating and malfunction reports, temperature limit alarm, remote ON / OFF, sequencing, measurement and control software and GBS connections.



  • Quiet and Comfort

    Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Thermal Systems offers a unique modest air conditioner; quiet and comfortable which provides precise air flow and capacity control. Adopting new turbo fan and improving new heat exchanger enable to reduce noise.

  • Energy saving

    High energy saving with comfort air conditioning ; provides the user with multiple solutions between comfort and energy savings. All the models can achieve high energy efficiency by use of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries technology, such as high performance compressor, DC PAM inverter technology and a motion sensor. New FDT can achieve higher seasonal efficiency by utilising Mitsubishi Heavy Industries latest technology.

  • Air flow

    According to room temperature conditions, four directions of air flow can be controlled individually by following Flap control system. Individual flap control is available even after installation.


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