STULZ CompTrol

The operation of airconditioning systems can be made even more efficient thanks to smart control and regulation technology. STULZ' innovative CompTrol is designed to take the controlling of your airconditioning units to a whole new level.

The CompTrol-series

STULZ CompTrol makes airconditioning systems, including VRF systems from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, more efficient, safer and more flexible. For decades, STULZ has been developing and individualizing climate solutions that are used worldwide. Thanks to this experience, we know that the use of airconditioning systems with the help of modern control and regulation technology is even more efficient, more comfortable and safer.

For example with hardware and software from the STULZ CompTrol series. Continuous remote monitoring, makes it possible to detect faults at an early stage. In addition to central control and monitoring, CompTrol can also take over registration of the energy costs from you. The modular series offers a suitable system for every task - from the local individual solution to integration into existing management systems for buildings.


Comfortable climate - tailored to your needs

Regardless of whether you use control technology in your building or not - your needs and wishes are the starting point when it comes to central control of your Mitsubishi Heavy Industries VRF systems.




By using the smart e-CompTrol controllers, our climate systems control themselves easily and comfortably, monitor and manage your airconditioning systems over the internet.

You can choose between the CompTrol ZLT and CompTrol 4Web.


Discover e-CompTrol

Discover the CompTrol ZLT

Control up to 160 units

The new CompTrol ZLT is the best solution for operating up to 160 indoor units. This controller is especially designed for VRF systems and projects. The smart functions fo this controller open up a lot of possiblities for wireless monitoring and controlling your airconditioning systems.

Features of the CompTrol ZLT

Everything in 1 overview; The ZLT makes it possible to handle large VRF projects locally or remotely using your smartphone, tablet or PC.

  • Can be combined with e-Comptrol climate control systems, at no extra cost.
  • Practical information about malfunctions via email. With it contains the alarm history, date and error code.
  • Automatic temperature measurement
  • Simple installation without special internet knowledge
  • Online and offline operation (without permanent Internet connection)
  • Energy cost distribution
  • Control option of 1 or more groups
  • System parameter readout and trend development

Discover the CompTrol 4Web

Individual control

The smart CompTrol 4Web offers individually climate management and monitoring for 1 to 4 units or groups. Locally or via the internet. Set time programs and remain active without connection to a network.

Features CompTrol 4Web

With the CompTrol 4Web from STULZ you can control up to 4 units or groups, centrally via one pc or via tablet or smartphone.

  • Can be combined with e-Comptrol climate control systems, at no extra cost.
  • Practical information via email consisting out of malfunctions, alarm history, date and error codes.
  • Sequencing - Create redundancy circuit, such as emergency switching and running time setting.
  • Modbus TCP Gateway for integration into BMS.
  • D-Bus connection for external temperature sensors and consumption meters.
  • Because remote monitoring can be done online and a diagnosis can be made, this saves you travel costs.

CompTrol Interface

CompTrol Interface Master and IV

Extremely efficient controlling for optimal efficiency. For airconditioning with specific applications, the standard control of the normal outdoor units is often insufficient. By means of the new Comptrol Interface Master you can handle the maximum options out of the unit.

You can synchronize 5 CompTrol Intervace IV's with the CompTrol Interface Master to communicate with five outdoor units up to 125kw in both cooling and heating mode.


Discover CompTrol Interface

Discover CompTrol Interface

The extensive setting options ensure optimal range, best COP / EER and high efficiency. These functions make the Comptrol Interface Master unique.

Not only energy costs are incurred by the CompTrol Interface Master but also the running time of the outdoor unit can be set. The controller can operate the outdoor unit so that it can handles the running times better, resulting in less wear, extending the life of the unit. What indirectly related to less maintenance and repair costs.

When a DC or EC fan is already 50% more efficient than a standard AC fan combined with the Comptrol Signal DC from STULZ, it will take the digital control signal, in combination with a heat exchanger connection module, much simpler control the DC or EC fan. This will make the best out of the efficiency.

Controlling up to 125 kW capacity

All 5 cascaded units work simultaneously in the best range and optimal operating area.
This results in significant energy savings.



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