ClimaPac, air handling for your comfort applications

STULZ Tecnivel plays an active part in the customization of every quotation and prescription by undertaking preliminary studies, providing advise that will allow you to define a tailor made solution for your needs. We offer comprehensive and customised air handling units for each type of facility.

The most prestigious firms in the world choose us, and our Air Handling Units can be found in the best-known hospitals, airports, hotels, offices, schools, public buildings, wineries, banks, industries and a long list of other applications, because we adapt to your needs by customizing your facilities.

Benefits ClimaPac

  • Flexibility

    50 standard sizes

  • Modular layout

    Adapting to all your needs

  • Energy efficiency

    State-of-the-art components

  • Clean air

    Different filtering solutions

  • Comprehensive control

    Optimised operation

  • Sandwich panels

    45 mm thick

  • Rockwool insulation

    100 kg/m3

Air Handling

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Product information

Product information

  • Casing

    The thermal break system casing assures, composed by an aluminum frame and double-skin panels, high classifications according to the EN1886.

  • Roof

    Made from coated galvanized steel and design to ensure full-drainage.

  • Insulation

    Rockwool with a density of 100 kg/m3 45mm thickness.

  • Frame

    Extruded aluminum with thermal break system allow to hold the panels without the use of screws. Coated in RAL7044.

  • Corners

    Made from nylon (polyamide) they serve to join the main aluminum profiles and assure thermal break. Color RAL7044.

  • Handles

    Made from nylon they are a key piece in order to guarantee maximum leakage class according the EN1886.

  • Panels

    Double-skin, 45 mm thickness, rockwool insulated Both skins are pre-coated galvanized steel sheets RAL7032. Euro class to fire reaction A2 (s1, d0).

  • Inspection windows

    Square inspection window in transparent, impact-resistant polycarbonate. No fastening hardware on the inside ensure perfect thermal breakage.

State-of-the art components

  • Steam humidifiers
  • Dampers
  • Heat recovery
  • Filters
  • Coils
  • Evaporative humidifier/media
  • Fans




Siemens Climatix C600

    • Plug & Play modular AHU with lower installations cost.
    • Comfigured from factory enhancing the operation of the unit.

    Field equipment

    Multilanguage complete solution including the field equipament:

    Complete regulation solution

    • Pressure sensors
    • Temperature sensors
    • Valves & actuators
    • Pressure switch
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